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طالب يتحدث عن معهد الهندسة الكهربائية و الإلكترونيك بومرداس

A student talk about IGEE Boumerdes ( INELEC )

as I am a former student of INELEC. I will try to answer a couple of questions, about the perspectives, as per my own experience and the experience of most of my INELEC friends. I will be long, but I hope it will be worth to read me till the end… First, and this is the most important, it is the fact that you study in English. Wherever you will go, whatever you will do later this is a huge asset that will increase considerably your chances in the future.

Second, the tough conditions, the hardwork involved, this will definitely make you a Hardworker, then if you are a hard worker…just go do any job you want…you will be successful …

Third, one of the most important thing that you will acquire when going through the INELEC program, is that you will learn to think as an engineer, in a positive and constructive way. You will learn also how to find the information in the most optimum way. This will enable you later, to handle and I would say master any field you will work on. Provided that it is related to engineering and science.

Last but not least, using English and studying is such a tough environment, will create between you and the other INELEC students a special kind of relationship, a kind of ‘’brotherhood’’…first with your classmates which is quite normal, but more amazing with former INELEC students, people you never met before, but just because both of you studied in INELEC will make you incredibly close to each other… and I personally had this experience in many unlikely countries… One thing I have to mention, is that wherever you go, everywhere in this world, everything is about relations ‘’El M3aref’’. Every single deal done by Boeing, Huawei, Areva…is based on connections, so don’t be naive and think that this is the case only in Algeria, and start building your network, start with your classmates, after several years you will discover that those are the best friends you ever had.

Now to say what you will do after INELEC, well this will depend on you… but as per my experience all of my friends found a decent job few months after graduation…but what I want you to keep in mind, is that you may use in your career if you are lucky may be 20% of what you have studied, after few years you ll be using less than that, and so on… but your English, your hardwork abilities, your motivation, thinking as an engineer, this is what you will keep using all the time…as far I am concerned, I have to say that I was far from being the best student in my group…but even the worst students will come out with the qualities I listed above, provided that they will not give up and continue until the graduation. So some of my friends are today scientists, teachers in famous universities, highly skilled engineers all over the world, successful entrepreneurs in Algeria and abroad, Managers, CxOs…you remember what I told you about building your network…

My purpose is not to show off of course, but just to tell you… welcome to INELEC, work hard than if I did it, there is no reason that you cannot do it!!!

S. B.

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